10 November 2023 – 09:04 Central Euro Time

The Bond is at present above its Neutral Zone for today; the Swiss Franc is below same, and BEGOS Markets volatility is mostly light. Looking at Market Profile resistors for the Spoo (presently 4372) we’ve the 4381-4384 area followed more dominantly by 4396; whilst by Market Trends the Spoo’s linreg in real-time has just rotated to positive, there is broader structural resistance running from 4341 up to 4431; and by Market Values, the Spoo is now +59 points above its smooth valuation line; for the S&P itself, ’tis now “textbook overbought” through these past three trading days. The Econ Baro concludes its quiet week with November’s UofM Sentiment Survey and (purportedly) October’s Treasury Budget.