Executive Summary

This is a comprehensive upgrade to www.deMeadville.com which has had a web presence since the turn of the millenium. The content of the website is intended to make its readers far more informed, critical observers of the stance of our economy and that of our most important markets, which through futures and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer alternatives to the stock market, that in turn is significantly influenced by the economy and the markets herein portrayed. Analytics at this website are updated and time-stamped on a daily basis. Follows is a brief description of each menu item.

Home/Welcome: is our warm greetings page to one and all and the significance of our having considerably upgraded and added content to www.deMeadville.com.

Executive Summary: is this page. By and large, the pages described below that contain data and charts are updated each trading day generally between 15:00 and 16:00 Pacific Time.

Disclaimer: is to be read and be by which all visitors, subscribers and users of this website must abide.

Prescient Commentary: is where on a daily basis we draw attention to something specific in this website, its theme being “Knowledge is power”, towards an expectant market(s) move and/or price target, a change for trend or reinforcement thereto, and other time information.

Testimonials: is the page wherein you have humbled us.

The Gold Update: is composed each Saturday and this website is its home. Started in 2009 as a single email paragraph to one individual, the wisdom and the wit in its writing now reach some 10,000 readers per week courtesy of 321Gold, Kitco, and Investing.com.

Economic Barometer: is a continuously trending single line on a chart compiled from better than 50 economic reports per month that compare performance to the prior period, revisions thereto, and consensus expectations. Charted in concert with the track of the S&P 500 Index, the “Econ Baro” since its inception in 1998 has generally led major trend changes in the stock market.

Earnings Season: is a quick-read, summarized table for what percentage of some 2000+ top-tier companies are truly doing better, or worse, during each Earnings Season. Too often companies are applauded for beating “Estimates” rather than actually growing their shareholders’ bottom line. The page is updated every trading day during each quarterly Earnings Season.

The S&P 500: is our favourite Index representation of the U.S. equities markets. (Per the Disclaimer, we have no affiliation with S&P). The “Valuation & Ranks” page presents our own calculations of price/earnings and yield, as well as six different Top Ten categorized ranking lists. The “Moneyflow” page presents our calculation and track of the cumulative change in the Moneyflow for all 500 stocks, regressed as a single blue line into Index points, as compared with how the S&P is actually tracking, over periods of one week, one month and one quarter. As a rule, materially directional moves in the Moneyflow tend to lead stock market direction.

BEGOS Markets: is the set of pages where we analytically drill down into each of the eight representative markets above as specified. Each page presents that market’s futures’ generics such as symbol, margin, risk per point, exchange-traded fund (ETF) symbols, positioning for trend dispositions, and computerized range “guesstimates” of the ensuing session’s high and low. Charts for each page include that market’s one year price track vs. a BEGOS-implied valuation, a three-month track of daily price bars overlaid with our “Baby Blues” that define trend consistency, the 10-session trading profile of support/resistance apices, the market’s “magnets” around which price has oscillated each day over three months, and one year’s worth of expected daily trading range toward assessing volatility. Each page then concludes with a chart showing that technical study culled from rigorous algorithmic computer testing of a technical rhythm that has been generally reliable in producing a specified level of profit for that market.

BEGOS Measures: is the set of pages which are the reciprocal of BEGOS Markets. Whereas the Markets pages focus on a variety of measures for each market, the Measures pages focus on a specific measure across all of the BEGOS markets. For example, the Market Ranges page will show the one-year tracks of expected daily trading range for all eight markets so as to determine which is the most or least volatile, and as to whether range is expanding or contracting. The Market Rhythms page displays those technical studies whose rhythmic ebb and flow have generally been producing a specified level of profit. All eight Market Profiles can be viewed on a single page, as can their Magnets tracks, and “Baby Blues” trend consistencies.

Subscription: is the page at which to pay and get access to all of the www.deMeadville.com website. (Again at this time, access to the entirety of website is free of charge).

About & Contact: is where a bio shall be found and the means by which to make contact with us.