09 November 2023 – 08:54 Central Euro Time

Copper is the sole BEGOS Market at present outside (below) its Neutral Zone for today; session volatility is light, save for Copper which has traced 57% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges). As Gold’s “Baby Blues” continue to descend, price has thus far traded to as low as 1953: recall from the current edition of the Gold Update the mention of 1951 as a mid-structural support level; currently priced at 1955, Gold is now +58 points above its smooth valuation line (see Market Values) after having been better than +100 above it through recent days. Indeed for Gold, Silver and the Swiss Franc, their “Baby Blues” all having fallen below the key +80% level have in turn seen lower price levels. As the Econ Baro’s subdued week continues, only due today are the usual weekly Jobless Claims.