08 November 2023 – 09:01 Central Euro Time

The Bond and EuroCurrencies are at present below today’s Neutral Zones; the balance of the BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is light. At Market Ranges, the recent EDTR widenings for the Bond, Gold, Silver, Oil and the Spoo appear for now to have peaked. Following Gold’s “Baby Blues” falling below their key +80% level, price (now 1974) has since weakened to as low as 1963 yesterday; the Blues in real-time continue to drop as do those for the Swiss Franc, Silver and Oil. The “live” (fut’s adj’d) P/E of the S&P is now 42.5x and the Gold/Silver ratio a very “Silver-attractive” 87.4x despite the present Blues negativity. The Econ Baro awaits September’s Wholesale Inventories.