31 August 2023 – 08:37 Central Euro Time

We close out August with the Fed’s favoured inflation gauge: Core PCE for July; expectations are for +0.2% for the month, (however a +0.3% reading as reasoned in the current edition of the Gold Update wouldn’t overly surprise us … but ‘twould the markets). Specific to the Spoo, it settled yesterday a full +100 points above its Market Magnet, an extreme deviation by that metric; thus we still do not see fear in the S&P’s MoneyFlow; currently our best Spoo Market Rhythm for swing consistency is the 2hr parabolic study. Otherwise early on this morning, we’ve the Swiss Franc, Silver and Copper as the BEGOS Markets at present outside (all below) today’s Neutral Zones; session volatility remains light by this hour. For the Econ Baro, other measures today also include July’s Personal Income/Spending.