01 September 2023 – 08:56 Central Euro Time

September starts with Copper the sole BEGOS Market at present above its Neutral Zone for today; the balance of the bunch are within same, and volatility is light-to-moderate, Copper having thus far traced 69% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges). Oil — for which we’ve been seeking near-term the mid-to-low 70s — has whirled ’round upward, its “Baby Blues” (see Market Trends) also having reversed course back higher, (albeit the 21-day LinReg trend itself still is negative): the Blues looked to lower price levels from 79.26 (16 August), however price since weakened to only 77.59: ’tis at present 83.79; the recent high from some three weeks ago is 84.89; dominant Market Profile support is now 80.00. The Econ Baro concludes its week with StateSide August Payrolls data and the ISM Index, plus July’s Construction Spending.