30 May 2024 – 10:26 Central Euro Time

On the heels of yesterday’s declines across all eight BEGOS Markets, we’ve at present both the Bond and Swiss Franc above their respective Neutral Zones for today, whilst below same are Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil and the Spoo; session volatility is moderate. At Market Trends, save for Silver and Oil, the “Baby Blues” of trend consistency are falling for the balance of the bunch. Looking at Market Rhythms on a profit-taking (rather than pure swing) basis, the best study is the Spoo’s daily Price Oscillator: there have been 10 signals extending as far back as 20 December 2022 for which all 10 produced price follow-through of at least 44 points (i.e. $2,200/cac); the current signal has been Long since 08 May. Metrics for the Econ Baro today include April’s Pending Home Sales and the first revision to Q1 GDP.