29 May 2024 – 08:24 Central Euro Time

Gold picks up +23 points of fresh premium as cac volume moves from June into that for August; however, the yellow metal is lower today, at present below its Neutral Zone as is the Spoo; none of the other BEGOS Markets are above same, and volatility is light. Looking at Market Rhythms for pure swing consistency: on a 10-test basis our best three are the Yen’s (not yet an official BEGOS Market) daily Parabolics, Copper’s 5mn Moneyflow, and the Spoo’s daily Parabolics; on a 24-test basis, the top three are the Yen’s 4hr Moneyflow, Gold’s 2hr Parabolics, and Copper’s 1hr MACD. Our best correlation amongst the five primary BEGOS components is positive between Gold and Oil. No metrics are due today for the Econ Baro.