30 June 2023 – 09:09 Central Euro Time

At present Copper is the only BEGOS Market outside (above) its Neutral Zone for today; session volatility is light, again save for Copper which has thus far traced 62% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges). Copper’s “Baby Blues” (see Market Trends) in breaking the below their +80% level have since seen price drop a full $0.10/pound, lending to why the Blues are a favoured signal; similarly however, those for the Spoo have yet to see price crack. Gold has (at least for the moment) bounced precisely off the 1893 spot low we cited some weeks ago; too, the current August cac has reached down to 1901: more in tomorrow’s 711th Edition of The Gold Update. The Econ Baro completes its week notably with May’s Personal Income/Spending, plus the Fed’s favoured inflation indicator: Core PCE Prices.