28 August 2023 – 09:06 Central Euro Time

A fairly quiet start to the week for the BEGOS Markets; at present, only the Euro is outside (above) its Neutral Zone for today; session volatility is light, save for Copper which already has traced 70% of its EDTR by Market Ranges, (albeit price is back in its Neutral Zone after having traded higher); too, Copper’s cac volume is rolling from September into that for December. The Gold Update exemplifies Silver’s firm performance across the last week or so: both Gold and Silver are within a week’s expected trading range of flipping their respective weekly parabolic trends from Short to Long, should the near-term precious metals’ rally continue. Although no EconData is due for today, the Baro looks to 16 incoming metrics as the week unfolds, including this Thursday’s (31 August) Fed-Favoured Core PCE Index for July.