24 February 2023 – 09:25 Central Euro Time

The Swiss Franc and Silver are at present below today’s Neutral Zones, whilst Oil is above same; BEGOS Markets’ volatility continues light per this time of day. Gold yesterday hit a year-to-date low at 1825 as the weekly parabolic Short trend moves along with its course; again the support zone is 1851-1798; Gold by Market Values is -71 points below its smooth valuation line. As for both Silver and Copper, their cac volumes are moving from March into May, (and that for the Bond from March into June). The S&P yesterday averted a fifth consecutive down day; however by Market Trends, the Spoo’s “Baby Blues” continue to fall, the linear regression trend as noted having only just turned negative; still the Index’s MoneyFlow has been a net gainer, evidence that “fear” has yet to set in. The Fed’s favoured inflation gauge of Core PCE Prices for January comes into the Econ Baro today, other metrics for the month including Personal Income/Spending and New Home Sales.