23 February 2023 – 09:15 Central Euro Time

‘Tis fairly quiet across the BEGOS Markets with only Copper outside (below) its Neutral Zone for today; volatility is again light. At Market Trends, as anticipated the Spoo’s linear regression has rotated to negative: thus all eight components are now in descending trends as the Dollar pushes upward into its highs which began the year. By Market Rhythms, the Spoo’s 2-hr. Parabolics have flipped to Short: typical price follow-through would be a run down to 3950; ‘course that can be further exacerbated by the daily MACD, Moneyflow and Parabolic all having just recently gone Short as well. And for the Econ Baro we’ve the 2nd read of Q4, the consensus for which is the same +2.9% annualized rate initially reported, (even as the Econ Baro declined on Q4 metrics).