21 August 2023 – 09:18 Central Euro Time

The Bond starts its week at present below the Neutral Zone, whilst above same is that for Oil; volatility remains light-to moderate per this time of the session. The Gold Update looks to Gold’s low for the current weekly parabolic Short trend as either being in place or quite nearby in the 1901-1893 area (price currently is 1918); too, the Update looks to this week’s BRICS rendezvous as a “non-event” in terms of any material outcome. In looking at Market Rhythms with the most consistent returns of late (10-test swing basis), we still note the Euro’s daily MoneyFlow plus its 30mn MACD, the Yen’s 8hr Parabolics plus its 15mn MACD, and Oil’s 30mn Parabolics. ‘Tis a muted week for the Econ Baro, with nothing due today.