20 Sep ’22, 09:22 Central Euro Time:

Follow yesterday’s nervousness across the BEGOS Markets, all but Silver are within their Neutral Zones at present; the white metal is below same; volatility is light. By the Market Values page, going ’round the horn in real-time for the primary components finds the Bond nearly 5 points below its smooth valuation line, the Euro as 2.6 points “high”, Gold as 41 points “low”, Oil as some 2 points “low”, and the Spoo as 106 points “low”. At Market Trends, the linear regression trends for the Euro, Swiss Franc and Silver all have rotated to positive, the balance of the bunch remaining negative. Specific to the Spoo by its Market Profile, 3950 is its most dominantly-traded price of the past two weeks; we thus view that level as a key resistor. Incoming metrics for today’s Econ Baro are August’s Housing Starts/Permits.