19 Sep ’22, 09:33 Central Euro Time:

‘Tis red across the board for all eight BEGOS Markets components, the only one not below its Neutral Zone at present being the Bond; volatility is moderate. The Gold Update cites price having recorded a new low (1662) for the year, falling as well through a series of prior key lows: technically Gold can break below 1600, even as fundamentally by currency debasement ’tis worth 4000. The S&P continues to be pressured by the higher Dollar, unsupportive earnings (“live” P/E 35.1x) and yield (1.676%) half that of the U.S. debt market; to the extent the 3600-3200 support zone holds ought be dependent upon those factors becoming less adversarial. Still by Market Values, the Spoo (in real-time) shows as 180 points “low”. By Market Rhythms — highlighted for the Spoo on its page (S&P 500 under BEGOS Markets — is its Daily MACD. Due for the Econ Baro is September’s NAHB Index.