20 October 2023 – 08:53 Central Euro Time

Per our tweet (@deMeadvillePro) last evening, “Flow leads dough…” as is now being depicted on the MoneyFlow page for the S&P 500; too, our notion of the Spoo attaining the 4500 level at least near-term (based on the upside reversal at Market Trends of the “Baby Blues” two weeks ago) is now nixed, even as the Spoo’s 21-day linreg trend has just turned positive; again, 4431 nears to clear for a run to 4500. Today at present, the Bond is above its Neutral Zone; both the Euro and Copper are below same, and BEGOS Markets volatility is mostly light, within the context of Market Ranges (EDTRs) having expanded. Gold’s EDTR is now 26 points, meaning that 2000+ is within range today; presently 1987, Gold’s nearest dominant Market Profile supporter is 1963. The Econ Baro is scheduled to close its week with September’s Treasury Budget.