20 October 2022 – 09:31 Central Euro Time

All eight BEGOS Markets are at present inside their respective Neutral Zones for today; volatility is light. Per our Market Rhythms page, of the 45 studies available for any one of the BEGOS Markets, Oil has 17 qualified to make the current list: as far back as at least March 2021, Oil’s most consistent rhythm on a purely swing basis is its daily MoneyFlow. Oil’s EDTR (expected daily trading range) is 3.57 points, and along with the Euro is one of the only two components currently with a positive linear regression trend, albeit ’tis weakening, (see Market Trends). By Market Values, Oil (in real-time) is 3.73 points above its smooth valuation line, (not an extreme deviation for Oil). And by Market Magnets, Oil is fairly in line with its Magnet. For the Econ Baro today we’ve October’s Philly Fed Index, plus September’s Existing Home Sales and Leading (lagging) Indicators.