19 October 2022 – 09:41 Central Euro Time

No one BEGOS Market is at present trading above its respective Neutral Zone for today; below same are the Bond, Euro, Swiss Franc, Gold and Silver, and volatility is light-to-moderate.  In anticipate of the S&P’s contra-trend rally reaching the Upper 3700s, yesterday’s high was 3762; at this moment, ‘twould be a lower open for the S&P later today.  With Silver having come off in recent trading days, the sole component with a positive linear regression trend is Oil (See Market Trends), albeit both price and the “Baby Blues” of trend consistency are fading.  By Market Values, none of the five primary BEGOS Markets are far from their smooth valuation lines.  The Spoo has touched Market Profile resistance at 3770 (high 3774) and has since pulled back (now 3732).  September’s Housing Starts/Permits come due for the Econ Baro. Then late in the session we’ve the Fed’s “Tan Tome”.