19 September 2023 – 09:09 Central Euro Time

Gold and Copper are at present below today’s Neutral Zones; the other BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is again light. As highlighted in the current edition of the Gold Update, the yellow metal has confirmed its 12hr MACD crossing from Short to Long such that we’re seeking the mid-1970s near-term (current price is 1952). Looking at the best of our Market Rhythms on a 10-test swing basis, topping the stack for consistency are Silver’s 6hr Parabolics, the Euro’s daily MoneyFlow, and Gold’s 2hr MoneyFlow. Oil’s deviation from its smooth valuation line (See Market Values) is +10.64 points ((in real-time with price at 91.16); ’tis the most extreme deviation in at least a year. The final data due for the Econ Baro ahead of tomorrow’s FOMC Policy Statement is today’s reports for Housing Starts/Permits in August.