19 April 2024 – 08:37 Central Euro Time

At present we’ve the Bond, Swiss Franc and Oil above today’s Neutral Zones; the Spoo is below same, and volatility is robust given markets responding to an escalation of conflict in the Middle East; of note, the Metals Triumvirate (Gold/Silver/Copper) along with the Euro are the least volatile (comparatively) of the BEGOS Markets thus far this session. We still sense some near-term retrenchment for Gold, and both it and Silver are nearing negative Market Magnet crossovers. The S&P 500 would appear to be enroute to a sixth consecutive down day, a streak not seen since 05-12 October 2002. The Dollar Index continues to hover above the 106 handle, a level last visited some five months ago. And as noted yesterday, the Econ Baro’s week has already concluded, the net result bringing a downward bent.