18 April 2024 – 08:21 Central Euro Time

Dough is finding its way into the BEGOS Markets: at present the Bond, Swiss Franc, all three components of the Metals Triumvirate and the Spoo are above today’s Neutral Zones; the Euro and Oil are within same, and volatility is pushing toward moderate. On a 10-test basis, these five Market Rhythms are leading the pack for swing consistency: the Bond’s daily Parabolics, Copper’s 12hr Parabolics and 6hr Price Oscillator; the Euro’s 2hr MACD, and the Spoo’s daily Parabolics. More broadly time-wise, the leader on the 24-test swing basis is the Swiss Franc’s daily Parabolics. The Econ Baro completes its week today, incoming metrics including April’s Philly Fed Index, plus March’s Existing Home Sales and Leading (i.e. “lagging”) Indicators.