18 October 2023 – 10:53 Central Euro Time

The Metals Triumvirate and Oil are the BEGOS Markets’ leaders thus far, those four all at present above today’s Neutral Zones; below same is the Bond, and volatility is moderate. On a $/cac basis, Silver is the broadest mover, at present +$1725. At Market Trends, the Spoo’s “Baby Blues” appear poised to break above their 0% axis by week’s end: again from the week prior we’ve ruminated about the Spoo making a go for 4500, (the S&P’s vastly high “live” P/E of 38.3x notwithstanding). And per the Euro’s page, its best Market Rhythm — the daily MoneyFlow study — triggered a Long signal per yesterday’s open (1.05885). For the Econ Baro we’ve September’s Housing Starts/Permits; then late in the session comes the Fed’s Tan Tome for October.