17 October 2023 – 09:03 Central Euro Time

‘Tis red across the board for the BEGOS Markets, notably with the Bond, Euro, Gold, Copper and Oil all at present below their respective Neutral Zones for today; volatility however is mostly light. On a $/cac change basis, Copper’s is the most at the moment, -$1,012. At Market Trends, whilst all eight components are still in negative linreg trends, all their “Baby Blues” are in ascent, meaning the trends’ downside consistencies are waning. By the Spoo’s Market Profile the most dominant resistor above present price (4394) is 4401. And Oil’s cac volume is rolling from November into December. For the Econ Baro we await October’s NAHB Housing Index, September’s Retail Sales and IndProd/CapUtil, and August’s Business Inventories.