18 August 2023 – 09:57 Central Euro Time

The Bond is at present above today’s Neutral Zone; the Swiss Franc is below same, and volatility is again light-to-moderate for the BEGOS Markets. Per our S&P MoneyFlow page, fear has yet to be exhibited during this recent selloff, (which is why the MoneyFlow line is rising relative to the Index itself); in fact near-term, the S&P 500 is now a bit “textbook oversold” and the Spoo (in real-time) is -184 points below its smooth valuation line (see Market Values). By the same measure for the other primary BEGOS Components, the Bond shows as -6.5 points “low”, the Euro as -0.27 points “low”, Gold as -44 points “low”, and Oil as +3.8 points “high”. Today is the final day of Q2 Earnings Season.