15 November 2022 – 17:25 Central Euro Time

A late post today as our host was in a “States overnight” server move. October’s wholesale inflation has come in at the same pace at ‘twas for September at a revised +0.2%; too, the NY State Empire Index for November comes in at a positive reading for the first time since July.  As such, we’ve presently the S&P +1.4% at 4014, with the Bond (along with the Spoo) above the Neutral Zone for today, whilst below same are Silver and Copper; volatility given this time of the session is moderate-to-robust, the Euro (1.04120) notably having traded 121% of today’s EDTR (see Market Ranges).  Of note by Market Trends in real-time, the “Baby Blues“ for Oil have dipped rather significantly since yesterday, even as price (85.43) is mildly up.  With all eight BEGOS Markets now sporting positive linear regression trends, Oil is the weakest of the bunch.