14 November 2022 – 11:00 Central Euro Time

Lower is the watchword for the BEGOS Markets, all eight at present in negative territory to begin the week, the Dollar in turn getting the bid.  The Gold Update cites the key weekly parabolic trend as having flipped to Long with 1800s structural resistance in the balance, albeit by historical follow-through, price could make a run to 1900 during this trend.  By contrast, the missive graphically depicts the terribly overvalued nature of the S&P both by earnings and the long-term regression channel.  Last week’s surge across the BEGOS Markets’ board now sees these pricing extremes (in real-time) per Market Values:  the Euro is nearly 0.05 points “high” above its smooth valuation line, Gold as 81 points “high”, and the Spoo as 254 points “high”.  Whilst nothing is due today for the Econ Baro, tomorrow begins the week’s cavalcade of 17 incoming metrics.