12 Sep ’22, 09:19 Central Euro Time:

The BEGOS Markets begin the week with the Euro, Swiss Franc, Silver and Copper all at present above their respective Neutral Zones for today; none of the other components are below same, and volatility is moderate. The Gold Update cites (by Market Trends) the “Baby Blues” for both Gold and Silver having commenced an upside curl, these two metals having also had their daily parabolics flip from Short to Long. More broadly however, the linear regression trends (also by Market Trends) remain negative for all eight components. The S&P 500 is still a bit “textbook oversold”, albeit the rally of the past three days has not been fully MoneyFlow supported, the broader price trend continuing to remain down. Whilst no data is due today for the Econ Baro, the balance of the week looks to 16 incoming metrics.