09 Sep ’22, 09:24 Central Euro Time:

Save for the Bond and the Spoo, both of which at present are inside of their respective Neutral Zones for today, the balance of the BEGOS Markets are above same, and volatility is essentially moderate except for the Swiss Franc having already traded 130% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges); of note the ECB has raised their three key interest rates each by +0.75%. The Spoo (for which the cac volume is rolling from September into December) has cleared both Market Profile hurdles (in December pricing 3947 and 4006), the S&P Index itself remaining “textbook oversold”. Fundmentally however, the year’s low (3637) looks ripe for the taking within the context of the broader downtrend toward testing the 3600-3200 support zone. At Market Trends, upwards curls in the “Baby Blues” for the Euro, Gold and Silver are appearing more pronounced. The Econ Baro concludes its rather uneventful week with July’s Wholesale Inventories.