11 December 2023 – 09:08 Central Euro Time

Save for Oil (+0.6% at 71.67), the other seven BEGOS Markets are all at present in the red; session volatility is light. The Gold Update sees safe downside for the yellow metal toward 1975 without causing any concern for the overall uptrend(s); still by Market Trends, Gold’s “Baby Blues” are in real-time dropping below their key +80 axis, warranting a price move sub-2000. Of greater concern is misfortune in the making for the S&P which remains inanely overextended both fundamentally (unsupportive earnings) and technically (beyond “overbought”). Spoo volume today is rolling from the December cac into that for March, with an additional +52 points of fresh premium. The Econ Baro is quiet, albeit with an ample load of metrics as the balance of the week unfolds.