09 May 2024 – 08:31 Central Euro Time

At present we’ve the Bond below its Neutral Zone for today, whilst Silver is above same; BEGOS Markets’ volatility by this hour remains quite light, again in a week with little incoming EconData. Looking at Market Rhythms for pure swing consistency, on a 10-test basis our leader is Copper’s 1hr MACD; on a 24-test basis ’tis the Swiss Franc’s 30mn Moneyflow. By Market Trends, when just recently Copper was sporting the only positive linreg, positive too now are those for the Bond, Euro, Swiss Franc and Spoo; ’tis indicative for Fed rate cut expectations. Our best correlation amongst the five primary BEGOS components is positive between the Bond and the Euro. Simply today for the Econ Baro arrives last week’s Initial Jobless Claims.