09 February 2024 – 09:25 Central Euro Time

All eight BEGOS Markets are at present within their respective Neutral Zones for today; session volatility is very light. The S&P 500 briefly topped the 5000-mark yesterday (at precisely 5000.40) before settling at 4998. Four in ten S&P stocks have thus far not improved their Q4 earnings over those of a year ago. Infamous Dave Einhorn just referred to the markets as “fundamentally broken”; (obviously he reads The Gold Update … more on that in tomorrow’s 743rd edition). Our top Market Rhythms for consistency on a 10-test swing basis are currently the Bond’s daily Parabolics, both the Swiss Franc’s 8hr Moneyflow and daily Parabolics, and the Spoo’s 2hr Price Oscillator. The Econ Baro already has concluded its muted week.