08 January 2024 – 09:25 Central Euro Time

The precious metals and Oil are weak this morning; BEGOS Markets volatility is pushing toward moderate as the year’s first full trading week begins. The Gold Update is somewhat wary of the early-year inflation trading push out of the Bond and into the Dollar, Gold in turn getting the “conventional wisdom” sell. For the S&P 500, the MoneyFlow page is decidedly negative such that lower Index levels ought be in the offing; specific to the Spoo, its “Baby Blues” (see Market Trends) are (in real-time) accelerating their fall, and by Market Values the Spoo looks to a negative crossing below its smooth valuation line, barring a firm rally this week: confirmation of such crossing would, too, suggest lower price levels. Late in the session for the Econ Baro we’ve November’s Consumer Credit.