06 September 2023 – 09:02 Central Euro Time

Quiet is the state of the BEGOS Markets at present: all eight components are within today’s Neutral Zones, and volatility is light. Gold’s drive to an All-Time High has begun with a dive, both the yellow and silver metals well off last week’s settles; by Market Profiles, for Gold (currently 1951) we’ve resistance at 1964 and 1972, with support at 1945 and 1932; for Silver (currently 23.83), Profile resistance shows at 24.60 and 25.00, (with no notable support this low is the Profile); of course, both metals have just commenced weekly parabolic Long trends such that we do not anticipate much downside relative to pending upside. Today’s Econ Baro awaits August’s ISM(Svc) Index and July’s Trade Deficit. And late in the session comes the Fed’s Tan Tome.