05 September 2023 – 10:04 Central Euro Time

The second of the two-day session finds all eight BEGOS Markets in the red, and all (save for the Euro) at present below their respective Neutral Zones. Combining the two days, session volatility is moderate-to-robust, with both Silver and Copper having traced in excess of 100% of their EDTRs (see Market Ranges), Looking at Market Rhythms, on a 10-test swing basis our most consistent studies are Gold’s 2hr MoneyFlow, the Euro’s ongoing daily MoneyFlow, and Silver’s 8hr Parabolics; on a 24-test swing basis, our leader is the Bond’s 2hr Price Oscillator. For the primary BEGOS components, the best correlation is positive between the Euro and Gold. The Econ Baro looks to July’s Factory Orders.