06 November 2023 – 08:33 Central Euro Time

The BEGOS Markets’ volatility is light-to-moderate as the new week unfolds. At present, Copper is above its Neutral Zone for today, whilst Gold is below same. The Gold Update anticipates a typical post-geopolitical price pullback is nigh; indeed at Market Trends, Gold’s “Baby Blues” are in real-time slipping below their key +80% axis, (as have Silver’s already so done); confirmation of the “Baby Blues” settling below that level generally leads to lower prices near-term; too, Gold by Market Values is (in real-time) +106 points above its smooth valuation line. Despite all the excitement over the S&P’s recent rally, price has merely returned to where ’twas three weeks ago, the P/E ratio accelerating last week now to 40.9x as Q3 Earnings Season remains rather average at best; (’twas 39.0x those three weeks ago). Nothing is due today for the Econ Baro as it faces a fairly light load this week with just six metrics due through Friday.