06 December 2022 – 08:59 Central Euro Time

As ‘round this time yesterday, all eight BEGOS Markets again are at present within today’s Neutral Zones; volatility is light.  Oil made a lurch higher yesterday however has since fallen back to now to 77.71:  still by Market Trends, Oil’s “Baby Blues” continue a fresh climb (meaning the downtrend is becoming less consistent)  and the daily Parabolics continue their relatively new Long course; by Market Values (in real-time) Oil shows as a full 11 points below its smooth valuation line.  For the S&P 500, by the MoneyFlow page, the Flow has improved vis-à-vis the Index on both the daily and monthly measures; but on the quarterly graphic, the Flow is 431 points below the Index.  October’s Trade Deficit comes due for the Econ Baro.