05 December 2022 – 09:22 Central Euro Time

All eight BEGOS Markets at present are within their respective Neutral Zones in beginning the week; volatility is light-to-moderate. Oil’s “Baby Blues” (see Market Trends) confirmed curling up above their -80% axis, indicative of higher price levels near term: currently 80.08, a run into the 84s appears reasonable; too, Oil’s daily Parabolics flipped to Long on Friday; (and obviously, OPEC and Russia are affecting the fundamental front). The Gold Update maintains its bullish bent, albeit acknowledging the overhead resistance here in the 1800s. The “live” P/E of the S&P (as fut’s adj’d) looks to start the trading week at 38.8x, which ought be unsustainable on the back of the inverted yield curve. The Econ Baro awaits November’s ISM(Svcs) Index and October’s Factory Orders.