03 May 2024 – 08:18 Central Euro Time

We’ve the Swiss Franc at present above its Neutral Zone for today; the seven other BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is again light. Our top three Market Rhythms on 10-test swing basis are the Spoo’s 1hr MACD and daily Parabolics, plus the Swiss Franc’s 15mn Parabolics; on 24-test swing basis they are Gold’s 15mn Moneyflow, Copper’s 8hr Moneyflow, and the Swiss Franc’s daily Parabolics. Looking at Market Values, Gold — which in recent weeks had been better than +200 points above its smooth valuation line — is now (in real-time) “just” +46 points above it; Oil is better than -4 points below same, and the Spoo -101 points by same; the Euro looks poised for the ensuing week to cross above its valuation line, which by rule would be a Long signal. The Econ Baro concludes its week with Aprils’ Payrolls data and the ISM(Svc) Index.