02 May 2024 – 08:19 Central Euro Time

At present we’ve both the Bond and Spoo above today’s Neutral Zones, whilst below same is Silver; BEGOS Markets’ volatility is light. The FOMC’s stance as anticipated was a fairly do-nothing non-event, notably as little has changed on the inflation front, (save for it not really slowing). At Market Trends, the “Baby Blues” of trend consistency are curling upward for the Bond, Euro and Spoo, even as the Fed (subtly or otherwise) is de-emphasizing the word “cut” without specifying “raise” (yet?); ‘course, we’ll continue to mid the math thereto. ‘Tis a busy inflow of metrics today for the Econ Baro, including March’s Trade Deficit and Factory Orders, as well as the initial look at Productivity and Unit Labor Costs for Q1.