03 April 2024 – 08:26 Central Euro Time

At present we’ve both Silver and Copper above today’s Neutral Zones; below same are both Oil and the Spoo, and BEGOS Markets’ volatility is again mostly light; (both the white and red metals have traced better than 50% of their EDTRs [see Market Ranges]). Looking at Market Values (in real-time): the Bond is nearly -4.5 points “low” vis-à-vis its smooth valuation line, the Euro nearly -0.03 points “low”, Gold +166 points “high”; Oil +4.9 points “high”, and the Spoo now down to just +29 points “high”. Specific to Gold’s “high” deviation, such extremes are rare and have historically led to price pullbacks near-to-medium term; ‘course since Gold is (finally) getting a bid these days, history may not necessarily repeat: rather, the smooth valuation line can instead catch up to price. The Econ Baro looks to March’s ADP Employment data and the ISM(Svc) Index.