02 April 2024 – 08:33 Central Euro Time

Early on we’ve the two EuroCurrencies below today’s Neutral Zones, whilst above same is Silver; BEGOS Markets volatility is mostly light as most ETDRs (see Market Ranges) are narrowing, save for those of the Metals Triumvirate. The Dollar continues getting a bid now to nearly a two-month high as Fed rate cuts fade a bit from FinMedia wishful reporting. Looking at Market Rhythm swing consistencies (on a 10-test basis), we’ve five of note per late night’s data runs: Oil’s 60mn Moneyflow, Copper’s 6hr Price Oscillator, the Spoo’s daily Parabolics, and for the Bond both its 2hr Moneyflow and daily Parabolics. The Econ Baro awaits February’s Factory Orders.