02 June 2023 – 09:18 Central Euro Time

The Swiss Franc, Copper and Oil are all above today’s Neutral Zones; none of the other BEGOS Markets are below same, and volatility is light ahead of May’s StateSide Payrolls data; only Copper has thus far traced in excess of 50% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges). Following a Wednesday’s “Flow-weaker-than-S&P” session, money has continued to return to the Index; too by Market Values, the Spoo is (in real-time) +160 points above its smooth valuation line. And as tweeted yesterday, the VIX (now sub-16) is approaching pre-COVID complacency (sub-13). Gold is firming even as the weekly parabolic Short trend is but a week old, the debt default’s being skirted raising the question: from where comes the money to keep going? Tomorrow brings the 707th Edition of The Gold Update.