31 May 2023 – 08:57 Central Euro Time

Both the Bond and Silver are at present above their respective Neutral Zones for today; below same are the Euro, Swiss Franc and Spoo, and volatility is mostly moderate, Oil being a bit of a laggard with just a 26% tracing of its EDTR (see Market Ranges). @deMeadvillePro tweets Oil’s 2-hr. MACD as having been a super Market Rhythm these past six weeks: of note, the average swing duration of the study is some 1 1/2 days (24 swings tested). Our S&P 500 MoneyFlow page continues to reflect the massive amount of money being thrown into the Index, the notable inflows yesterday going to NVDA, TSLA, AAPL and AMZN; (outflows were most for MSFT and AVGO). The (futs-adj’d) “live” P/E of the S&P is 55.6x; (the publicly “parroted” P/E is 24.3x). Today’s Econ Baro awaits May’s Chicago PMI. The Fed’s Tan Tome arrives late in the session.