30 October 2023 – 09:05 Central Euro Time

The “textbook oversold” S&P 500 looks to get a boost at the open, the Spoo at present above today’s Neutral Zone; below same are both Gold and Oil, and volatility is light-to-moderate. The Gold Update reiterates the yellow metal still as “range-bound” rather than “moon-bound”: 1989 is dominant trading support by the 10-day Market Profile; we’re wary as well that by Market Values, Gold (in real-time at 2005) is +131 points above its smooth valuation line. Leading the Market Rhythms for consistency (10-test basis) is Silver with a variety of studies: its daily Parabolics, 12hr MACD, 8hr Price Oscillator, and both the 6hr Price Oscillator and Moneyflow; too, is the Euro’s daily Moneyflow. ‘Tis a busy week for the Econ Baro with 15 metrics on the table, (none due today).