30 January 2024 – 09:28 Central Euro Time

‘Tis quiet across the BEGOS Markets’ landscape, all eight components at present within their respective Neutral Zones for today; volatility is mostly light. Looking at the most consistent Market Rhythms, we’ve (on a 10-test swing basis) the Euro’s 1hr parabolics and (on a 24-test swing basis) both Silver’s 1hr Moneyflow and the Spoo’s 8hr Moneyflow. For the S&P itself (the “live” futs-adj’d P/E now 50.9x) money continues to pour into the Index as depicted on the S&P 500 MoneyFlow page; the Spoo is (in-real-time) +179 points above its smooth valuation line (see Market Values). And at Market Trends, Gold’s “Baby Blues” yesterday confirmed crossing above their key -80% axis, albeit by The Gold Update, a bit more broadly we somewhat expect lower prices. The Euro’s “Baby Blues” similarly confirmed crossing above same yesterday. The Econ Baro awaits January’s Consumer Confidence. And the FOMC’s usual two-day meeting gets underway.