30 December 2022 – 09:26 Central Euro Time

All eight BEGOS Markets begin the final trading day of the year at present within today’s Neutral Zones; volatility is mostly light. Yesterday’s +1.7% rally in the S&P 500 was not sufficient to unwind the “textbook oversold” trading status, now nine days in duration; regardless, the “live” P/E (futs-adj’d) of the S&P is 37.0x, and by the MoneyFlow page the quarterly reading suggests the S&P be -525 points lower that its present level of 3849. Meanwhile at Market Values, we’ve the Bond as some -2 points “low” from its smooth valuation line, the Euro as +0.028 points “high”, Gold as +51 points “high”, Oil in sync with valuation, and the Spoo as -132 points “low”. And by Market Trends, they are positive for the Euro, Swiss Franc, Gold, Silver, Oil (barely), and negative for the Bond, Copper (barely) and the Spoo. The Econ Baro completes its year with December’s Chi PMI. Happy New Year!