30 Aug ’22, 09:13 Central Euro Time:

The BEGOS Markets are comparatively quiet relative to the last couple of trading days: Gold at present is the only component outside (below) its Neutral Zone; volatility is light-to-moderate. At Market Values, the Spoo (which had been some 400 points “high”) is now back at the level of its smooth valuation line, as is Oil which had recently been some 13 points “low”; still showing somewhat extreme is the Euro as 2 points “low”. At Market Trends, the Spoo’s linear regression trend has rotated to negative, the “Baby Blues” now below their 0% axis for the first time since 08 July. And in what should be (by consensus expectations) a net-negative week for the Econ Baro, the parade of 13 incoming metrics begins today with August’s Consumer Confidence.