29 May 2023 – 09:26 Central Euro Time

The BEGOS Markets are into a two-day trading session (Tuesday settlement) as StateSide ’tis Memorial Day, and on this side of The Pond we’ve Whit Monday. There is little markets’ reaction to the tentative U.S. debt ceiling “deal” which still must pass Congressional muster: Copper is the sole BEGOS Market outside (above) its Neutral Zone at present. Gold confirms its weekly parabolic trend as having flipped from Long to Short. The Gold Update cites our near-term downside target zone for the yellow metal, notably selecting the 1893 level within the overall broad structural support from 1975 to 1810, within which we’ve Golden Ratio support from 1912 to 1874. The “live” (futs-adj’d) P/E of the S&P is 56.0x. And contract volume for the Bond is rolling from June into September, whilst for Gold ’tis rolling from June into August.