28 September 2023 – 09:09 Central Euro Time

Gold’s weekly parabolic trend has provisionally flipped from Long to Short, (as tweeted [@deMeadvillePro] last evening); more on this outlying exception in next Saturday’s edition of The Gold Update. Tweeted too was Oil’s breaking above its recent high (93.74) such that from a cash management perspective ’tis better to stand aside for the moment. At present, Silver is the sole BEGOS Market outside (below) today’s Neutral Zone: currently 22.70, should 22.32 trade, its weekly parabolic trend would also, like Gold, flip to Short. As for the S&P 500, its down-stint during these past two weeks has lacked “fear” as revealed our MoneyFlow page. Today’s metrics for the Econ Baro include August’s Pending Home Sales and the final read of Q2 GDP.