28 March 2023 – 11:40 Central Euro Time

Following a fairly inactive day for equities, we ‘ve at present the Euro above its Neutral Zone for today, whilst the Swiss Franc and Silver are below same; volatility is again mostly light. By our Market Ranges page, the Bond has been very expansive late, as has Gold, whereas less so have been Copper and Oil. That noted, by Market Trends, both the Bond and Gold are seeing their “Baby Blues” of linear regression trend consistency beginning to roll over to the downside: upon their breaching the +80% levels we’d then expect to see lower prices near-term; again by Market Values, Gold became quite stretched of late and — whilst clearly very cheap by currency debasement — our “live” deviation from the smooth valuation line shows price as 104 points high; should Gold indeed let go further, its Market Profile price supports are 1929, 1923, and 1912; (price is currently 1953). The Econ Baro awaits March’s Consumer Confidence.